What We've Achieved

After holding elections that were held in a democratic manner and according to the Lubicon election code, the Chief and Council were recognized by the provincial and federal governments after the community had been under 3rd party management for three years. 

Since the election on February 15, 2013 we have achieved the following outcomes:

  • Received federal and provincial recognition
  • Member/personnel training: member skills inventory, safety tickets, environmental monitoring
  • Development of policies and procedures for personnel and industry
  • Working with industry: getting legalities in place for business start-up, documentation, registration, and signing contracts with vendors
  • Training for Chief and Council on leadership and governance
  • Meetings regarding land claims with federal government
  • MD public hearings regarding:
    • Health Trailers – from one to three
    • School trailers – moving mouldy portables out and replacing them with six new ones
    • Redistricting for administration building construction at old ball diamond site and putting up a new baseball diamond by the skating rink

Negotiations training: Chief and Council completed negotiations training in March 2014.

Housing: Six trailers are coming in to the community with a promise of 19 more.

Programs and training: Projects approved by Chief and Council this year include hiring an executive assistant, moving a trailer that will be used for a classroom facility and offering social program training in the community for band membership such as ready to work initiatives, young parenting programs and recreation programming for the youth.

Committees and Community Building: An Elders committee and Youth committees are now in place, as well as a Membership Committee, Housing Committee, and Recreation Committee.

What's Next

In the next year we plan to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Getting buildings for classrooms and office space donated from Manning from Northern Lakes College.
  • Formal negotiations for lands toward the goal of settlement. This includes community planning for location and finalizing our membership list.

A longer term goal is to build a new community centre that is powered by renewable energy, showcasing the values of our community and the benefits of more sustainable alternatives.