2018 Election Results

Lubicon Lake Band Successful in Second Official Election

119 additional voters from the previous year

Little Buffalo, AB. February 15, 2018. Two hundred and nineteen Lubicon members came out to Little Buffalo School to cast their votes for a newly elected Chief and council. The 2018 elections seen an additional 119 members in attendance compared to last year’s election. A unanimous decision was made by the members to cast votes by way of secret ballots. The second official election for the Northern Alberta First Nation has proven to be a success with 52% of eligible voters showing up in person to cast their votes. Members traveled from all across Alberta to exercise their right to have a say in their Nations Leadership. Prior to 2013 leadership was designated according to tradition, and stayed until members united and advocated for change.

Congratulations to the new Chief and five Council members; Chief: Billy Joe Laboucan. Councilors: Troy Laboucan, Joe Auger, Brian Laboucan, Timothy Paul Sowan and Jason Laboucan— All seats will be held for the next five years

On Thursday, February 15, 2018 Lubicon Lake Band members cheered as the ballots were totaled and the new Leadership was sworn in. Members look forward to seeing the continued enhancements in their community. Most of the local residents of the Lubicon Lake Band had previously lived without basic necessities such as adequate housing, electricity, and running water for over thirty years. And in less than 5 years the previous Lubicon Lake Band leadership successfully brought much needed services to the community including but not limited to:

·       40 homes for families including running water, sewage and heating.

·       New Health Centre with various programs including Doctor and Nurses visits, Young Mothers and

·       Nutrition program, Bright Futures program, Addictions and Counseling services.

·       Medical transport for hospital visits.

·       Lubicon Lake skills, labour and employment strategy.

·       Adult Education Centre including AKOSAN college, Grade 12 Graduation Coaching program, Post-Secondary Funding and Trades Training programs

·       A New Work Shop.

·       Firefighting program and employment. ­­

·       New water and sewer trucks

·       Improved roadways and drainage systems.

·       Administration building.

·       Annual Cultural camps running since 2013

·       20.8 kW Solar project & solar installation training

If you would like more information about the Lubicon Elections, please call Tracy Laboucan at 780-629-2356.